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self reflection guide

The end of year personal reflection will include short narratives/evidence on each of the following facets related to serving in the capacity of a Fellow:

Goals/primary responsibilities (e.g, MTP Year 2 co-facilitator)
Communication to department in advocacy of KCELT
KCELT trainings – as facilitator, co-facilitator, or other support role (not as an attendee)
Mentoring of new faculty (as appropriate)
Contributions to the KCELT blog
Documentation of progress on all of the above
Reflection on self growth
Other perceptions or work you have done in the role as Fellow that you would like to share


agenda meeting 3/12/14

Dear Fellows:

Here is a draft of the agenda for our meeting this week. Feel free to add by commenting below. BTW, we are meeting in the small meeting room in KCELT. See you soon!

1. Guest: John Dawson (Skyping in from Iowa City) to take questions regarding the Quality Faculty Plan

NOTE: So please come to the meeting with questions after having read the QFP document in KIN.

2. Event update: DMACC hotel registration

3. Individual Updates


minutes 2-12-14

minutes 2-12-14

Please review the minutes from our Wednesday meeting.

Thank you,


agenda meeting 2/12/14

Dear all: Please review the minutes from our last meeting posted by Dawn (Thank you, Dawn).

There are two important Initiatives with which KCELT could use your assistance – the Flipped Classroom Initiative and the iPad (cohort 2) Initiative. The latter is the one that is ready to launch soon, and I would like to tap you or ask you to tap faculty to apply to participate. An extended call for  applicants will go out in The Tempo Wednesday.

As for the Flipped Classroom Initiative, I know a few of you have already expressed interest. Let us expound on this topic further at the meeting. The development team (Wilson, Sarah, and me) are in the midst of the curriculum planning phase, but if you know of people who may be of interest, please bring those names to the table for consideration.

Also, please share updates and questions as appropriate. See you soon.


Meeting Minutes 1-29-14

Read more…

agenda for 1/27/14 meeting

Dear all:

Here is a working agenda for our meeting this week, Wed, from 230-400 in one of the KCELT rooms. I know that I have sent a lot of emails lately, so I hope to follow up on those topics:

Updates (Theresa/KCELT and all Fellows re: areas of work)
KCELT learning opportunities (“events”) this Spring
MTP Year 3 plans
Professional Development opportunities
Fellow portfolios?
Final reports

The agenda will likely grow/be modified when I receive the minutes from Dawn from our last meeting in December. I will also upload the minutes to this post for your reference.

Until then, please add your own agenda items as comments to this post. See you soon.


The Culturally Responsive Classroom Pilot Project: A Reflection, part 1

The Culturally Responsive Classroom Pilot Project: A Reflection, part 1.

Fellows, this is one of MANY contributions on our KCELT blog. In order to get the word out, we are called as faculty leaders to lead by example.

Plenty for your leisure reading and multiple interest areas. Let your voice be heard and spread the word!